Going Deep

A residential retreat is a time for attending to self-care, have space to restore energy, to reinvigorate passion, renew focus and grow personally and spiritually; it is essential to sustain joy, happiness and productivity in the midst of a busy life.

To sustain a nourished life we need to feel a sense of community and connection and residential retreats are an opportunity to meet and get to know like-minded people, grow together, meditate together and laugh together.

For many years, I co-facilitated a 5 day retreat titled “Mindfulness and Creativity” in the lush surrounds of Bali with Jacki Short. What a brilliant time we had each day.

Insight Meditation retreats will also be part of my offering in the near future though while there are no current dates for any retreats please keep your eyes out via the events page and sign up to the newsletter to hear about upcoming retreats.

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'Keep knocking and the joy inside will eventually open a window and look out to see who's there' - Rumi

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